The Scott Jovell Project (2015– ), USA
Jul 2015 (TV Series | Comedy)
Directed by Sophia Jones, Aaron J Lucas
Composer, Musician, Music Producer
Scott has everything he wants in life, except the main thing he wants in life - love. This series is his struggle to find and keep it.

Survivor, UK
Apr 2015 (Short | Action | Mystery)
Directed by Dan Tonkin
Composer, Musician, Music Producer
The first female US Navy Seal in the world's first interactive film of its kind. Watch it, play it, experience it! Decide her fate & choose how the story ends.
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SF Olympics – the Original Version, USA
Feb 2015 (Short | Comedy)
Directed by Gabe Rodriguez
Composer, Musician, Music Producer
In this throwback to 1990's-era Nickelodeon, four high school girls throw an unusual contest in gym class.

At Long Last, USA
Feb 2015 (Short | Crime | Drama)
Directed by Matt Hielsberg, Nicci Thompson
Composer, Musician, Music Producer
Lovers find themselves spiraling in the downfall to rock bottom of drug abuse.

Royal Dance Festival, 2014, Rieti, Italy
Mar 2014
Music Arranger, Music Producer
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Loving the Silent Tears (The Musical), USA
Oct 2012
Directed by Vincent Paterson
Music Arranger, Composer
Loving the Silent Tears is a musical journey of the spirit that traverses the seas and continents in a timeless search for inner peace.
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