About Stefan
Stefan Kristinkov (Stefan K) is an eclectic concert and film music composer, a clarinetist with an extensive performing background, as well as a business entrepreneur collecting, recording and distributing rare varieties of ethnic instrumental libraries.
Stefan's compositional work has been greatly influenced by his extensive knowledge of classical music, ethnomusicology, jazz, as well as Eastern-European minimalism and postmodernism. His music is characterized by fluid architectural design, focused motivic textures, stylistically eclectic compositional techniques, a highly expressive melodic, rhythmic and dynamic language, as well as imaginative developmental strategies. His advanced orchestration skills and diverse musical structuring coupled with his inventive fusion of various, often, unexpected elements and techniques, allow him to create memorable underscores that are often praised at film festivals. Regardless of being an accomplished musician, music producer and an ambitious composer with years of professional experience, Stefan retains his profound curiosity allowing him to consistently explore new ideas and pursue unique creative solutions.