The Clarinet
Clarinet Vibe
By Natalie Szabo (Jun 2022)

... This entire album showcases the versatility and skill of Kristinkov’s compositional skills. He is able to create convincing music in a complex variety of styles and meets the demands of all. ...

Hollywood Digest
Stefan Kristinkov “Clarinet Vibe”
By Garth Thomas (Oct 2021)

... His compositions have an intensely visual quality; it isn’t difficult to imagine them working as the soundtrack for an array of movies and television programs. ...

Indie Band Guru
Stefan Kristinkov Shares ‘Clarinet Vibe’
By Sam Reed (Oct 2021)

... It’s beyond impressive that Stefan was able to paint different worlds within each track with only a few instruments in hand. ...

The Clarinet
Ask Me Anything
By Kip Franklin (Oct 2018)

... Kristinkov’s work perfectly exemplifies the manner by which traditional clarinet playing can be combined with mainstream music, a truly laudable outside-the-box approach. ...

Stefan K, very 1st score award winner, talks to us
By watchlistmag (Sep 2017)

... Music in film tells a story. It is there, because there is something that cannot be told with other means ...

The Clarinet
Stefan Kristinkov. 14 Serial Etudes, for Clarinet Solo. Hemrec Music, New York, 2010
By Dr. Gregory Barrett (Dec 2011)

... Just as in other expressionistic music, the lines can be smooth or extremely angular. I was drawn to the etudes with more scalar motion, though the very slow, and the articulation-oriented etudes are also attractive. ...

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