Baruch Ben Meyer: "Der Mench tracht und der G't lacht", USA/Germany
Oct 2007
Producer, Arranger, Musician
Cantor Baruch Ben Meyer music album

EdgeSounds: Sound Sample Libraries, USA
Aug 2005
Producer, Composer, Arranger, MIDI-Programmer
EdgeSounds: developing sound sample libraries with an emphasis on rare ethnic and historical musical instruments; software development; music production. A home to many exciting new sound ideas, as ethnic instruments from Russian Asia, exceptional quality real instruments, like the Essential Vibraphone and Pipe Organ, and General MIDI and multi-instrument collections, like our GeneVoice and SoniqBear.

Raganu Nakts, Riga, Latvia
Oct 1991
Co-creator, Producer, Music Arranger, MIDI-Programmer
Raganu Nakts (Witches' night) - fusion-rock cantata by A. Vilcans, for women's choir, four female soloists and ensemble. Performances in Latvia, radio recording.

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