Stefan Kristinkov:
Clarinet Vibe (Ep)
Clarinet Vibe (Ep)
Date: Sep 2021

The Clarinet Vibe, explores the idea of limiting the timbral diversity to achieve the maximized aesthetic and emotional impact. As creators, consciously or not, we always chose to set ourselves some limits – by choosing just 7 (or 12) pitches from the infinite number of pitches; by constraining our music to a specific form, arrangement or orchestration. Here, Stefan has chosen a clarinet, vibraphone, bass guitar and drum set to create 5 tracks in Cross-over Jazz (Jazz Fusion) style. Only one track adds different timbres – analogous to how we sometimes use chromatic notes in a tonal system – to underline the main choice of timbres.

Composed and arranged by Stefan Kristinkov

Stefan Kristinkov: Clarinet, MIDI Programming
Adam Alesi - Drums (1, 2, 5)
Chris Barber - Drums (3)
Filipe Caeiro - Drums (4)
Itaiguara Brandão - Bass (2, 5)
Chris Bonner - Bass (3, 4)