Stefan Kristinkov:
The Sisters Kardos (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
The Sisters Kardos (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
Date: Jul 2022

The Original Motion Picture Soundtrack to “The Sisters Kardos”, an award-winning film written and directed by Gabe Rodríguez. The album contains the musical score, composed and produced by Stefan Kristinkov. The score follows the golden era film scoring traditions with its distinctive sweeping orchestration and an immediately apparent New York feel, combining subtle references to such classics, as George Gershwin, Cole Porter, John Williams and Adolph Deutsch, as well as Alicia Keys in a contemporary, 21st century way.

The Kardos family is thrown into disarray when Covid-19 hits New York and the parents are quarantined in Italy. The four sisters, two of whom have different mothers, must figure out adulthood and begin to make their living, and also are left with a bigger mystery of their family's ancestry and the history of Manhattan. Through flashbacks, the film spans 23 years in the lives of the dysfunctional and multi-racial Kardos family, culminating in the traumatic events of 2020. The four sisters each have their own traumas and arcs, from struggles with anxiety and mental illness to global pandemics, the murder of George Floyd, and protests in Washington. The Sisters Kardos is a film that celebrates womanhood and sisterhood, focusing on the emerging Gen-Z voice. It is also a love-letter to New York.

Composed, Arranged, Performedm Programmed and Produced by Stefan Kristinkov
Mixed and mastered by SpryAudio, Brooklyn, NY

Published by Heemrec Music (ASCAP)
©2022 Ulterground Records
Ⓟ2022 Heemrec Music